• Omer Day 49-Here—At This Stopping Place

                            Shechinah sh’b Malchut
    We’ve walked this winding path,
    all the  days weeks, months,
    years of our lengthening lives.

    Just now, rising from the surrounding
    silence, we step through, once again,
    the 49th gate.  Here—at this stopping

    place—in all the languages of earth,
    we hear the One.
    Our tongues at the back of our throats

    click into place, the primal aleph—
    taking us back, all the way back,
    to Light! BE!……………

    and all the way forward, breath
    by breath, step by step, to this
    moment now, that reveals

    our way into Presence,
    through this passing momentary
    never-ending Light.
               *Majesty w/in Indwelling Presence

  • Omer Day 48-The Always Possible Love

                            Yesod sh’b Malchut /Shechinah*
    Black flapping crow, calling out danger and harm,
    flushes coyote from the shadows among the blue
    spruce trees across the mowed meadow,
    towards me. 

    White brush tail, brown and rust fur,
    long lean power of his hurrying body.  Crow
    pursues, cawing alarm, as I rise to my feet,
    fearing daytime sighting.  Is he rabid? 

    Does he intend harm?  In difficult times,
    how can we stay always ready to dance
    toward and away?  To sway? How can we touch
    the always possible love—

    sweet honey in the core of each of us? 
    On this cold May day, bite of frost in the air,
    golden maple blossoms blown from their trees,
    and pink weeping cherry petal confetti

    scatter across the grass, gather in the cracks
    between paving stones.  Celebrations
    for departed coyote, who ran out of sight
    round the east side of the house.

    For triumphant crow perched at the top
    of the birch tree—cawing victory
    as I return to the Torah of my Rebbes,
    whispering their wisdoms across generations:

    “Root yourself so deep  in the Mystery,
    that you can always take shelter there.”
    Ya, help me rest in the strength
    of this enduring, loving Truth.
         *Connection w/in Majestic Indwelling Presence

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