• Memorial Day, Ron Ruland on my mind

    I remember his bitter anger which he explained after he chastised
    a stranger passing our peace vigil line who thanked him for his service. 
    Yet, later he told me with happy pride that his time in the marines
    had been recognized, a banner hung bearing his name
    and years of service from a lamp post in our village.

    Which made me wonder, were not all his years of speaking truth,
    teaching children, standing up for justice, part of his life-long service?
    May he keep singing peace through us as we push
    forward without him through the harsh Mysteries
    of what comes next.

    Just thinking of him helps me whisper wonder
    even with so many deaths arriving on all the airwaves.
    Aren’t just as many births meriting our holy wonder
    arising before our eyes or lifting off our singing tongues
    with every breath, though they are not considered news?
                    Omer Day 44-Gevurah sh’b Malchut Shechina
                         Boundaried Strength within Majestic Indwelling Presence

  • the messengers remind you

    sit candle-flame still
    cat on your lap, your hand
    on his black back—learn
    his vibrational being

    watch infinite light
    play the myriad
    crystals through frozen

    you do not own
    your own
    any body’s breathing

    the flower that withers
    and dies
    the creature that weakens
    and fails
    falls from the stalk
    abandons the body

    makes way makes way
    for the seed.

    Read about the Messenger Poems: https://singingfrogpress.com/2023/05/19/about-the-messenger-poems/

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