Poems for the plague time

1)  How can I learn
to do worry?
without falling
       into the repeat repeat
       repeat certainty that things
       are only getting worse, the worst
       will certainly happen
as this disease is right now rushing
to sweep us sweep
us all wailing

2)  Don’t worry.  Do worry.  Keep
the Sabbath, the rebbes instruct,
or your flesh bones blood body will die.

If you forget Shabbos, Torah teaches, if you
don’t keep Shabbos, if you let it
go…..Where?  Where would it go?

It’s your second soul, they tell us.
Your hidden soul.  If you forget Shabbos,
your second soul, it’s opalescent

spark will dull and darken.  Your
blind-spot soul will die.  Dead
or alive……you’ll die.

3  On Facebook—where we pledge
face to face friendships
loved ones are posting
their walks among flowers.

Today I took phone photos
of my brave bloomers—small separate
clumps, like in this plague time
we try to be.

Purple crocus, golden crocus,
pink miniature crocus
near the gnarled heaved root
beneath the old apple tree.

Beside the driveway brave ornate
iris reticulata shining royal purple
in the sun.  In the shadows
near the front porch, snow drops

ringing in the spring.


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