Introducing Guantánamo Prison Poems

In June of 2013 a member of my weekly peace vigil began a prolonged fast in support of hunger striking Guantánamo Bay prisoners who were protesting years of unlawful and torturous incarceration without charges or due process trials.  In July, 2013 I and others joined my friend and fasted one day a week. I also wrote an update on all Guantánamo Prison news I could find for my peace group and other friends, then contacted my elected reps, President and other appointed heads of the Defense, State & Justice Depts. demanding  justice for these Muslim men.  Eight and a half years later, mostly weekly, I continue this practice, though advancing years have limited my fasts.
      January 11, 2022 marks 20 years since the first Muslim men were brought to the prison. I offer the poems I’ll post here over the next several weeks in support of all current and former Guantánamo Bay prisoners, and all those tortured by US forces in torture prisons around the globe and at Guantánamo Bay.  May Truth prevail and Justice and US adherence to the Constitution and our own and Int’l human rights laws be restored.


  1. Your poetry holds the power of one who sees, an emissary of God boldly leading and inspiring others to witness and remember injustice, what we do not and try not to know. I look forward to reading the poetry flowing out of these decades of unceasing care, of calling. Perhaps we can hold a poetry reading around the campfire on your stones!

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  2. You have always done a great deed in bearing witness. In this time of virus, when face-to-face volunteer activities are limited especially for those of us who are older, I have discussed with friends (in another venue) that we can bear witness and provide inspiration.

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