Redwings in the maples

Two days in a row, redwings
in the sugar maples across
our driveway, and across the road.
Seated among the leafless limbs near dusk,
their dark figures lift a rusty-hinged,
cry—celebration invitation—Arrived!

Arrived!  Never mind the face-
stinging nose-numbing chill, hard
wind, 22 degrees, snow covered ground. 
Returning bundled from our exercise walk
we stand and upward stare.

What do they know that made them
arrive now?  I’m caught in their dream—
grass blades wavering in warm breezes—
this sudden awakening as the gates
of spring swing wide before our eyes.


  1. Oh yes! There were at least 30 redwings in our yard, at the feeders this morning in the snow. “Sudden awakening “ for sure! I wanted to attach a photo here but guess it’s not allowed.

    Thank you, Sue, for your “eyes” and wonderful wonder!


  2. thanks. spring in the air. but what did you means by “silver across our driveway,” Is that ice?

    On Fri, Feb 11, 2022 at 3:38 PM Singing Frog Press wrote:

    > SingingFrogPress posted: ” Two days in a row, redwingsin the sugar maples > and the silveracross our driveway, across the road.Seated among the > leafless limbs near dusk,their dark figures lift a > rusty-hinged,cry—celebration invitation—Arrived!Arrived! Never mind the > face-stinging n” >

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