Starting Again: Bedtime Story                at the Mindfulness Retreat

                                                                for Fred Louis

How do we play Follow-Our-Breath?
Don’t try to lead it.
Be like this comforter—the grunt
in the boonies who took Winnie the Pooh
out of his pack, read it
in a circle of buddies, taking
turns, a chapter a night.

Hunched in the boonies:
A circle of soldiers?
A circle of killers?
A circle of hunted ones?
A circle of scared homesick boys.
“When we got to the end,” he
tells us thirty years later,
“We started all over again.”
   Rhinebeck, 10/23/97

Thich Nhat Hanh Zen Mindfulness Retreat, Omega Conference Center,  previously published  in Time’s River 2-October, 1998, Singing Frog Press, for info or copies of print chapbooks, please send contact info in comments

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  1. Oh my! What an image. It reminds me of the guys who watched “Gilmore Girls.”

    On Mon, Mar 14, 2022 at 3:00 PM Singing Frog Press wrote:

    > SingingFrogPress posted: ” > for Fred > LouisHow do we play Follow-Our-Breath?Don’t try to lead it.Be like this > comforter—the gruntin the boonies who took Winnie the Poohout of his pack, > read itin a circle of buddies, tak” >


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