the same river twice

        “nothing is too ambitious for the heart”  ~Jeannine Laverty
the heart     motion, regularity
the heart     hidden, revealed
the heart     center of the house
              fuel and drum

the heart     artichoke, onion
              layer by layer getting
to the heart  of the matter—this body 
              which surrounds
the heart     we lose heart
we take heart we seek heart’s ease
our heartstrings
              stretch taut unravel

because the heart is a loom
         a wind      in an open      space
         a signal over vast          distances
         it resounds
to the heartland     which we miss
         when we are beyond all borders,
         far from
our heart’s      desires, or pierced
to the heart     we lose
heart’s blood as though our
hearts           were torn and broken

in the bleeding heart  of the action
the stormy heart    the two armed spiral
                    past flowing toward what will be
                    the watching eye the ticking clock
                    all measures for
the aching heart
the murmuring heart—without its steady beat
                    we cannot revive
                    we cannot return
                    we cannot remember

the heart’s         true home, we must wander
the heartless wastes   eyelids fluttering   hands trembling
                       bodies rocking toward the sluicegates
                       of the world’s waters which rise
                       into the darkest chambers
       of the heart    the rivers of the body
                       the larger sea
                       the waves
                       under our toes
                       pulling us back
       into the heart  of ourselves

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