Omer Day 2-Steady as we go

         Gevurah sh’b’ Chesed*
In all our stories—overwhelming longing.
The love blood, the terror blood together
overflow our creek beds, river banks, great
pounding ocean waves.  Dams burst.
Levees of sober compromise submerge.

How we long, Ya, for the relief of limit,
the strength and discipline of measured
understanding—of this……
                      not this.
The dam that does not break.
The half-buried signal stone that still
stands to mark the way.

Help me contain the rushing waters.
Help me be the channel deep enough to guide
the torrents in the face of all our crying anguish,
our shared blame and accusation.

Help me stay true to all the directions
of Your guiding fire, Your wandering cloud,
as I call out in tears and joy—
Steady as we go.
*Discernment/Boundary within Loving Kindness/Overflow

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