Omer Day 4-Keep moving

                                    Netzach she b’Chesed*
Weeping cherry opens swollen buds.  Yes, one at a time, and all at once—ruby
bud, pink petals unfolding after ruby bud, numberless pink petals unfolding
all over the tree.

Long willow wands move in the wind, pink buds blossoming all along their wavery lengths
shine in new risen sunbaths of morning light. Keep moving

the heart of Love—let  this desire to fountain forth beauty, more beauty, season
after season of continuous offerings never cease.  Help us keep moving within  this unending,

repeating miracle, these splendors drowning through our lives, while hidden in the birch trees
behind the shed, woodpecker’s pounding passion helps us all keep time
*Eternal Endurance within Unbounded Love

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