Omer Day 10-This central question

                  Tiferet sh’b Gevurah*
Let us interrupt our dismay
with this central question,
“Where is the beauty in this?”**

Another gray day, another walk
through the 10,000 droplets
of rainy-day mist, sensing earth’s

weight beneath our feet—while across
the continent we know our brothers
continue to rock in confusion’s chaos

that they cannot stop creating.
Why swell up in anger at this?
Why sink into bleak shadows of despair? 

Why not bless the beauty of the love
that binds us as great underground
plates of stone move slowly,

sliding over and under each other. 
We balance here singing.
Our momentary lives glow

beneath the rain-filled clouds.
       *Harmonic Balance within Boundaried Strength
       **Counting the Omer: A Journey through the Wilderness,
        A Spiritual Guide by Rabbi Yael Levy,
A Way In, 2011, p.20

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