Omer Day 16-All must balance

Omer Day 16-All must balance
                                      Gevurah she’b Tiferet*
Beauty/Truth/Compassion.  All must balance
on the fragile tripod of our shifting
needs and fears.

Just as certain trees, catalpa, beech, some oak
and hackberry, in their barky winter sleep
count below-zero days to make sure
they will not wake and bud too soon
with every random intermittent southern breeze
that strays into the long dark freeze,

let us cradle the tender life
throbbing beneath the earth
and in the hidden center of our hearts
and wait patiently for spring’s rampant
outrageous flowering to lift ourselves
into our own bud and bloom delights.
 * Discerning Strength within Balanced Harmonic Beauty/Truth/Compassion


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