Omer Day 23-NOW Is the Only Place

                   *Gevurah sh’b Netzach
Toby, just six years old, wants to know
when the future is.  Over and over we tell him
NOW is the only place to sit—the future
always ahead of us vanishing
as it offers its being to the present
which also vanishes in repeating eye-blinks
as the past like a waiting basket swallows it.

After he dies, Toby decides he wants to be
Luke Sky Walker up in heaven.
His sister Norah, almost three, asserts,
with certainty, she’ll be Princess Leah.
Already she knows the importance
of crowns of light and the worshipping
gaze of Glory falling all around us.

Let’s hold these only moments
as we giggle together right here/now.
Space/time’s simply a drift
of steam rising off our breaths.
Sun’s disk exhales brilliance as it rises
above the trees.  Dew drops glitter
atop each shorn grass blade,
an infinity of fallen sparks
covering the field in ancient,
eternal light.
            *Boundaried Strength w/in Eternal Endurance

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