About Counting the Omer

On Passover, we leave Egypt.  Seven weeks later, on Shavuot (Pentecost, the Festival of Weeks) we assemble at Sinai to receive the Torah, which gives us our purpose as a people, and guides us toward the ultimate goal of our collective freedom. For many people, the “counting of the Omer”—these 49 days—are a time for reflection and growth, often using the seven “lower” sefirot (spiritual energies) of Unfolding Presence in the Kabbalistic system as themes for each day and week.  See Rabbi Yael Levy’s daily omer counting  posts to more deeply understand this journey.  https://www.awayin.org/counting-the-omer


  1. I have really enjoyed the Omer poems, and understanding more about this tradition. Many remind me of the Psalms… praise, attention, lamentation, entering into conversation.


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