Omer Day 28-A thing of beauty

Malchut/Shechinah sh’b Netzach*
We walk, step after step uphill
and down, noting on the way home, just
before the curve in the road, the blossoms
on the apple tree gone wild, rooted
in the drainage ditch that flows beneath the road
from the cow pasture on the other side.

A thing of beauty, I remark.  Yes, you say,
a thing of beauty yearning to apple-ize itself. 
Yes, so the deer can wander by
this fall, I reply, and tug the knobbed, sweet
worm-tunneled fruit, perhaps frost-wizened
when all this going forth and flowering is done. 

And the seeds, you say, will drop
with the deer’s droppings onto the ground,
and apple trees will sprout
in entirely random locations.  Exactly how,
I say, this one  got here to delight our eyes,
as random surprise so often does.
          *Indwelling Majestic Presence w/in Eternal Endurance


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