Omer Day 40  Splendor of the tiny stones

                                    Hod she b’Yesod*
So often the splendor of the tiny stones
at the base of the hand built wall
are hidden by tall grass and tiny wild
flowers.  The long-ago hands

and strong, strong arms that tamped
the earth, laid down the gravel fill
and balanced the heavy oblong stones,
also hidden.  Body and breath stopped

and blocked more than a century ago.
Yet the wall still stands, one of the cap-stones
shifted, one or two dropped to the earth.
This wall built to confine cattle

to their grazing ground, I pass it
on my morning walk as my heart sings
praises to the ones who settled this land
long before I was born and blessed it

with this patient humble work.
                 *Humble Splendor Rooted in Connection 

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