Omer Day 42-What is being born right now

                                 Malchut/Shechina she b’Yesod*
Let’s keep reaching back and back
through all the mothers—mine
yours, our mothers, their
mothers, all the be-

They are trees rooted deep
in our earth, rising
into our heavens. 

What lives deep within our loving
keeps sprouting again
and again.  Keeps opening us
to all possible flowerings,
so we may surround

ourselves with truth’s beauty.
Look how we join all our fears
and flight to every passing passionate

wanting.  This union and reunion
keeps happening, and happening.
Ya, help us welcome this as we give  
ourselves what we need
by learning

to give what is needed
to every other.  Every,
every, other.
      *Majestic Presence w/in Deep-Rooted Connection

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