Omer Day 46-Each Day of Light Return

                                    Netzach sh’b Malchut/Shechinah*
Each day of light-return an endless
path appears which we must travel
before we lie down again to dream.

Each morning the Boundless One demands:
from our list of tasks, choose words
and acts which will circle eternity this day.

Each day’s instructions repeat and repeat.
The ruby cups of the early peonies go black
around the edges, then wither, their moment done. 

The lilacs breathe intoxications—honey
and incense across the yard. 
Lift what you have as offering—

grief and praise, gratitude and loss,
cheek to cheek in every waking moment.
Mother wind runs invisible fingers

through the willow’s leaves.  Exactly so
our lives pour through us.  Exactly so
our little wind—breath-in, breath-out—

circumnavigates this day.
       *Eternal Endurance w/in Majestic In-Dwelling Presence

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