Omer Day 49-Here—At This Stopping Place

                        Shechinah sh’b Malchut
We’ve walked this winding path,
all the  days weeks, months,
years of our lengthening lives.

Just now, rising from the surrounding
silence, we step through, once again,
the 49th gate.  Here—at this stopping

place—in all the languages of earth,
we hear the One.
Our tongues at the back of our throats

click into place, the primal aleph—
taking us back, all the way back,
to Light! BE!……………

and all the way forward, breath
by breath, step by step, to this
moment now, that reveals

our way into Presence,
through this passing momentary
never-ending Light.
           *Majesty w/in Indwelling Presence


  1. You remind me of all the times, in my younger days, when I searched for the One as if It were a thing to be found among the trees or stones rather than the immanent light of awareness that I can sometimes actually find today. Thank you for the beauty and insights.

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  2. I might steal, with permission, the phrase “lengthening lives.” It is such an accurate and positive pronouncement of our experience, with our short time on earth, in opposition to all the overwrought aging themes. I like this post very much.

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