To You, Dry Dust

       Note to Reader:  Another poem reflecting on the acts of giving and receiving that fill our lives.  See the Torah & In the Garden sections of this blog for others

To bless your own ordeal
requires an open heart.  Flower-
Maker—open up my heart.
Mother Earth, waiting patiently
for rain, must we all blow

like dust away?  Like dust…

Hard work, all my life—how much of it
not needed in the doing-moment
by anyone but me?  Ya, help us all
lift up this endless doing,
so we can entertain

our own ordeals like honored guests.
Offer food.  Offer comfort,
a good place for doing to lie down

peacefully to rest.  I dedicate
these words to you, Dry Dust. 
I dedicate my opening

heart to you.

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