As our feet carry us

After the recent heavy rains,
our feet carry us up the road.

Heat and moist wet air
layer our arms, our cheeks.

Every breeze a blessing
of evaporation.  Every patch

of shade beneath a roadside tree
a kiss of cool.  Let us admire

the cattails in full bronzed
cylindrical flower rising

out of hidden waters that sing
like a brook in the roadside ditch.


  1. “Every breeze a blessing.” Yes, thank you for the sweet reminders.

    On Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 4:47 PM Singing Frog Press wrote:

    > SingingFrogPress posted: ” After the recent heavy rains,our feet carry us > up the road.Heat and moist wet airlayer our arms, our cheeks.Every breeze a > blessingof evaporation. Every patchof shade beneath a roadside treea kiss > of cool. Let us admirethe cattails in full bronzedcylin” >


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