Omer Day 20-From our separate spaces in the plague time

                                            Yesod she b’Tiferet*
From our separate spaces, where we shelter
in this plague-time, on the zoom screen,
the Norwegian music makers, each at home,
dressed in pj’s, sweatshirts, shorts, one even
in the bathtub, violin floating on a tray
above her belly, begin a song rooted

in our connections across every boundary.
A song of praise they play together while apart. 
From close-up visions of muscled arms, hands
and faces lifted, smiles trembling on their lips
as bodies sway, their harmonies rise into the upper
atmosphere and speed beneath the deepest seas,
eager to be welcomed into the centers of our hearts.

So much beauty!—the balanced voices
of the singing instruments entering all at once
every spirit-body around the planet,
with such kindness, with such playful
humor, with such delight, so finally
tears flow from the broken open
flood-gates of my aching heart.
               Foundational Connectivity w/in Balanced Compassionate Beauty

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