Omer Day 21-When surrounded by troubles

                               Malchut/Shechina sh’b Tiferet*
In the deepest beginning place—where full circle
rests—let us listen to the voices calling
from within.

When surrounded by troubles, the morning
reading teaches—to ask for guidance
is the way to offer care.

Help me add my lament to the imploring
chorus, rain falling softly now—the road
and the walkways darkening

as our earth drinks and drinks
all that she receives.  I bow in this time
of pleading grief.  I whisper

sadness—oh help me, help us all
realize steady walking
on this wandering path.  Help us

hear the seeds of tomorrow’s renewal
stirring among the bones
of the newly dead. 
   Indwelling Majestic Presence w/in the Heart of Compassion & Beauty

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