Omer Day 32—To Rest in the Common Source

                                    Netzach she b’ Hod*
As you follow the difficult words
with your reading eye and your listening ears—
As you walk in the suffering footsteps of those
who trod this path before you—
As you scatter the breadcrumbs going out
into the wilderness—
As you finger the thread you uncoil
as you journey toward the center
of the labyrinth—
As you sort the seeds, one grain here,
the other there—

You dream of rescuing the child you once were
from the beasts of devouring,
and saving the lovers dwelling within your soul
from the embrace of false dreams,
and the sisters and brothers of your limbs
from endless wandering and want.

For you know only by sharing this path
with all you meet on the way
will any of us be able to arrive
in wholeness and splendor,

threads running between our fingers,
breadcrumbs scattered at our feet,
footprints multiplied by every seeker
running among the fields of all our labors
carrying two, three, multitudinous
shining gifts, so we all might finally
come to rest in the common Source
    *Eternal Endurance w/in Splendor’s Humble Glory

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