Omer Day 33-The Blasphemer

                                                                                                        Hod sh’b Hod*

       “And they took the blasphemer outside the camp and pelted him with stones.
          The Israelites did as יהוה had commanded Moses.” Lev. 24:23 (Parasha Emor)
A stone lifted and thrown,
many stones thrown at the body
of the blasphemer

by all who heard his words tearing
through the One—veils of light
torn asunder

like his body battered, bloodied, torn
by brutal stones—Light gone
from the mouth

that hurled dark words
toward the Lord of Light
into the ears that heard them.

Words or stones—let us not
shatter each other.  So light can pour
through the windows of Creation
may we become

reassembled vessels filled with holy fire
that remember the pain of shattering
and in wholeness are healed.
         *Humble Splendor w/in the Grateful Splendor of All Presence


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