Omer Day 37-In the Garden of All-Unfolding-Being

                                               Gevurah sh’b Yesod*
In early spring I sink to my knees,
grasp the long one-tooth tool,
uproot unwanted weeds rising
through frost-heaved coral bells,
new sprouted ornamental daisies,
chrysanthemums, the lacy
Japanese white iris. 

I quickly see, to save each struggling beauty,
I must dig up this entire patch of ground.
With careful fingers shake out crumbled soil,
carefully loosen and pull free invader roots—
dandelion, plantain, deep buried tubers
of creeping campanula, ground ivy,
meadow grass, clover….

Then cradle and declare newborn the ravaged
transplants in compost-nourished soil. 
All this in hopes the coral bells, Heuchera
Americana, its nether life now buried,
will sprout new roots to nourish
the variegated leaves, from which

will rise long slender stalks bearing
a carillon to invite the humming birds,
not yet arrived, but I can almost see them,
climbing mid-air the nectar laden ladders,
with whirring wings to sound the bells
of the delicate pink blossoms.
          *Boundaried Strength w/in Rooted Connection

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