Omer day 38-Asking Our Mother to Hold Us

                      Tiferet she b’Yesod*
Sometimes what you need
is to lay yourself down
flat against the earth
closing your eyes
as you ask your mother
to hold you.

After days of rain
the cowbird alights
in the damp green grass.
He folds his shining feathers
against his back,
and hunts down the earth
worm he spotted from the air.

His feast’s completed
in eight or nine head-bobbing
gulps of soft pink meat.
Rest close to this lesson
on being and non-being.
In satisfaction the worm
swam through earth
swallowing swallowing
until the winged one
swallowed her. 

Be content with this closeness
our flesh engulfing another’s.
If it is a beautiful day to be alive,
it is an equally good day to die.
    *Balanced Compassion’s Beauty w/in Intimately Rooted Connection

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